OMG….. one of my all time favorite things to do is eat! I get so excited whenever we are talking about food. I can’t wait to explore different foods and share some great recipes with you all….

One of my hardest habits to kick is having to eat meat with breakfast everyday. This is such a struggle for me. Lately, I have been trying to incorporate more whole grain foods and fruits in replacement of the meats.

Ironically, early in 2017, I became a vegetarian for a few months and I had no problem not eating meat then. But for some reason, now I am having so much trouble. I know all of that delicious bacon and sausage can eventually lead to high cholesterol and heart disease, but for goodness sake, it’s sooooo delicious. So First thing first, I created a week full of breakfast ideas that don’t include meat. Now, I know a week is not much, but let’s be honest, bacon is the best part of the pig. Not to mention, I, like most people, do better with short term goals.

Monday: whole wheat bagel with lite cream cheese

Tuesday: Fresh cut pineapple with coconut shreds sprinkled on top

Wednesday: Oatmeal with fresh blueberries (or fruit of your choice)

Thursday: Spinach and tomato omelette

Friday : Bowl of fresh blueberries, banana and raspberries (yummy) may even add a drizzle of honey

Saturday: Whole Wheat toast with Avocado and veggie sausage crumbles

Sunday: Dunt da dunnn- I’ve made it to Sunday so I’m gonna treat myself. French toast with fresh strawberry purée topping….

Now, we are back to Monday. Hopefully after a week with no breakfast meats, I’ll be able to maintain some of my new found meatless breakfast ideas, and cut back tremendously on the bad, but oh so good breakfast meats I love so much!