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Writing has always been something that I enjoyed. But I never in a million years thought of starting a blog. Over the years I have made several (now embarrassing) YouTube videos on all sorts of things and have read hundreds and hundreds of blog posts So much that it soon became addictive. After my youngest daughter turned one, (Journi) I decided to go from working full time to part time, so I can be gone with her. But what else could I do? Then ding, ding, ding,(  a bell went off). I could write my own blog! And I could connect with people all over the world. So with tons and tons of u certainty, here I am. Ready to give myself and my thoughts to the world. I am a wife ( to my wonderful husband Raymond) and mother to our 2 daughters (Chloe and Journi) and a wonderful Bonus child Raijana.. So hello everyone and welcome to Tiffany’s world!!